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Jual Electrical Grounding Set 150kV di Surabaya

Toko Karya Jual Electrical Grounding Set 150kV di Surabaya   Selain Sirine bandara toko karya juga menyediakan Alarm Bell, Fire Roun Bell, Bell Listrik, Lampu Sorot Mata kucing, Lampu Merkuri, Lampu Holagen, dll.
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Jual Electrical Grounding Set 150kV di Surabaya

Spesifikasi electrical grounding set 150kv ritz car se-150 adalah sbb:

 Equipment ITEM 01 – 01 un – Ref.: VMR-70 – RITZGLAS ® sectional stick, 5.200mm overall length, including: 01 un – Ref.: VMR-S – End element 32 / 1.250mm, with CS-U universal head. 02 un – Ref.: VMR-I – Intermediary element, 38 / 1.250mm. 01 un – Ref.: VMR-P – Base element, 38 / 1.450mm ITEM 02 – 01 un – Ref.: VMR00884-1 – Head for switch operation. ITEM 03 – 01 un – Ref.: VMR02579-1 – Intermediary head for grounding clamp installation. ITEM 04 – 03 un – Ref.: R G3368 – Bus bar grounding clamp. ITEM 05 – 03 un – Ref.: R G3363-1 – Clamp for contact with ground. ITEM 06 – 03 un -Ref.: CTC-70 – Extra flexible 70mm² copper cable, with crystal clear insulation, 10 meters length each. ITEM 07 – 01un – Ref.: SE/SE – Canvas bag NOTE: The components of the set above support a specific substation pattern and there are cases which the cable length and/or diameter must be changed, as well as the grounding clamps, depending on the heights of the structures, short circuit currents or the diameter/width of the bus bars.To define the proper cables and clamps, refer to other sections of the present catalog.

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