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Jual Produk DM0412 ClinicaL Centrifuge With Rotor A12-10p di Malang

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Jual Produk DM0412 ClinicaL Centrifuge With Rotor A12-10p di Malang

Centrifuges: DM0412
• Max. speed at 4500rpm
• Precise control of speed and time separately
• Faster acceleration and deceleration
• Perfectly suited for 15mL cell culture tubes and a full line of collection tubes

Speed Range 300~4500rpm, increment: 100rpm
Max. RCF 2490×g
Speed Accuracy ±20rpm
Rotor Capacity 1 type
Run Time 1sec-99min HOLD (Continuous operation)
Driving Motor DC motor
Display LED
Safety Devices Door interlock, Over speed detection
Acceleration/Braking time 40s↑ 50s↓
Power Single-phase, 240V, 50Hz, 3A
Dimensions [D × W × H] 245 × 255 × 140mm
Additional Features Sound-alert function

High accuracy of speed, excellent performance
CPU controls all operating parameters including speed and time
RPM or G-force can be set and displayed
Operation can be timed from 30 seconds to 99 minutes or continuous running
Timer commences once the set speed is reached, so the separation time is more accurate
Gentle braking at low speeds with efficient separation
Parameters can be modified after the set speed is reached
Quick spins are possible by pressing and holding PULSE key
Automatic release the lid when operation has stopped to save processing time
Easy-to-read backlit LCD processing display and sound alert
Can be pulse accelerated and held at speed
High strength plastic rotor and excellent balance technology for quiet and stable operation
Brushless motor drive quickly and effortlessly accelerates the rotor to set speed

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