Rabu, 24 Maret 2021

Jual Loupe Standar HAN20A 20X x 18mm di Jepara

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Jual Loupe Standar HAN20A 20X x 18mm di Jepara

About this product
This high quality hand lens consists of three lens elements which are fused together to provide excellent clarity and crispness of image, right to the edge of the lens. The glass is housed in a durable aluminium housing. When closed, this keeps the lens safe from bumps and scratches. When open, it provides a useful and comfortable grip for holding the loupe. An attachment point is also provided for you to connect your own lanyard. Around the outside of the lens are tiny LEDs which can be turned on and off as required. These help to provide additional illumination when viewing specimens in low light conditions. It also makes it useful for bat workers and means that you won't need to direct your head torch directly at the bat to use your hand lens. The LEDs are powered by a tiny LR927 battery (included).
The magnification of this loupe is x20. This will allow you to inspect even the tiniest features of your specimen.
The loupe is supplied in a leather case with press stud fastening.

Specification :
Carton Loupe LED 20x
* Magnification: 20x
* Lens diameter: 21mm
* Battery: LR927

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