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Jual Hioki 3257-50 TRMS Digital Hitester di Bogor

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Jual Hioki 3257-50 TRMS Digital Hitester di Bogor

Hioki 3257-50 TRMS Digital HiTester Hioki 3257-50 

digital multimeter (also known as a multitester) is a true RMS, auto-ranging meter for measuring voltage, resistance, frequency, current, and duty cycles in electrical testing applications. The meter comes with a set of detachable test leads. It measures duty cycles to 95%. An audible continuity sensor confirms a circuit conducts electricity, and a diode test detects proper functioning of a circuit’s diodes. The LCD shows readings in digits and on a 42-segment bar graph. The hold function keeps a reading on the LCD, even after the meter is disconnected, and can be set to automatically freeze readings when the leads are moved away from the object on which measurements are being performed. A record feature stores maximum, minimum, average, and present measurement values for future recall. The relative mode stores a reading in memory to use as a zero point for subsequent readings so that multiple readings can be compared. Polarized test lead jacks help prevent test leads from being inserted into the wrong jack. The unit automatically turns off after 10 minutes of nonuse to conserve battery life, and a low-battery indicator signals when the meter's batteries need to be replaced. The meter's case is ingress protection (IP) certified IP54 and helps protect against damage from dust and splashes. A carrying case is included to help protect the meter during transport and storage.
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